As Different As Our Coffee β˜•

You always had your coffee black, and I always liked mine with full fat and loads of sugar and caramel. That’s how different we were, right? As different as our coffees. *sighs* Remember how you always told me at the beginning that I’d eventually start hating you, but I laughed it off then, considering it as some sarcasm you always preferred? Somewhere I knew, it wasn’t a joke then, and it surely isn’t one now. I always knew we wouldn’t last. But a part of me always wanted to take that chance even if there was the minutest possibility of it being true. That’s just how I was, right? Dreamy, Optimistic or maybe just in Love? But oh,what a ride it was. I hadn’t felt this way before, I hadn’t experienced myself like this before, I hadn’t smiled this way before, I hadn’t cried this way before. It was all so surreal and addictive. So addictive that remembering it even now takes my breath awayβ€” Exactly how it felt whenever you touched me. It was magical you know. Every time your hands used to caress my skin, every time you held me close enough to stare into my eyes, every time you looked at me right before we kissed-my breath got heavy and intense, and I just lost all control of who I was and what I was doing. It was like attaining nirvana. Still casts a spell on me when I think of it. *winks* I hate it you know. I hate the fact that it didn’t last. I hate that I couldn’t make you smile for some more time by doing silly things. I hate that I cannot look into those eyes and try to read them. I hate that I won’t get to sleep in your arms and shed my worries away anymore. I hate that I probably won’t ever get to see you again. But I still don’t hate you. Oh, You! I wish I could but I cannot. You were and always will be Love for me even though you don’t wish for it to be true. That’s just how it is. This heart will always be yours. I knew this back then, and I know it now. But there’s one thing I hate the mostβ€” Drinking this black coffee. It sucks so much, and yet I have started liking it!!

Maalum Hai Abb Tujhse Mulakaat Naa Hogi..

Lekin Agar Mumkin Ho Toh Mere Janaze Par Aajana..

Zindagi Na Sahi Maut ko hi Haseen lar Jana!!πŸ’•β€


Kya Tha Rishta Usse Mera Mujhe Maalum Nahi….

Kya Tha Usse Rishta Mera Mujhe Maalum Nahi…

Dill Kehta Hai Wo Teri Mohabbat Hai…

Dimaag Kehta Hai Wo Kisi Aur ki Amaanat Hai..

Saansein Kehti Hai wo Teri Zindagi Hai…

Par Chalakte Aansu Kehte Hai Tera Sabkuch Uska Hai Par wo Teri Nahi Hai!!

Kya Tha Rishta Usse Mera Mujhe Maalum Nahi….

Yaadein Kehti Hai Wo Tera Sahara Hai..

Tanhai Kehti Hai Wo Tera Apnapan Hai..

Dard Kehta Hai Wo Teri Khushi Hai..

Par Haaton ki Lakeerin Kehti Hai Wo Teri Hokar bhi Teri Nahi Hai!!

Kya Tha Rishta Usse Mera Mujhe Maalum Nahi….

Andhera Kehta Hai wo Teri Haar Raat Ki Subah Hai..

Khwaab Kehte Hai wo sab Tere Haseen Pal Hai…

Adaa Kehti Hai wo Tera Deewanapan Hai..

Par kadmon ki Aahat Kehti hai Wo Sirf Teri Raah Hai Tera Mukaam Nahi…!!

Kya Tha Rishta Usse Mera Mujhe Maalum Nahi….

Waqt KehtA Hai Wo Teri AdhurI Kaahani Hai…

Lamhe Kehte Hai Wo Tere Liye Ek Paheli Hai..

Zubaan Kehti Hai Wo Tereko Liye sirf Ek Chahat Hai..

Aur Khuda Kehta Hai Wo Ibaadat Hai Teri Par Wo Teri Nahi HaiπŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”

Kya Tha Rishta Usse Mera Mujhe Maalum Nahi….❀

You’re Everything I Don’t Need!!

You’re everything I don’t need, Then why do I come running back to you? You’re wrong for me, You’re far from the list I had Then why do I crave you so much? I deserve someone better Someone who cares Then why I’m attracted to your carelessness? I hate it when you go away But I can’t stand it when you’re with me Your weird habits frustrate me, But why do I miss them when you hold back? I don’t have an answer to any of the questions. Maybe you own a magnetic force to my iron heart, I want you, But you’re everything I don’t need.

Zarrori Toh Nahi Har Rishta Mukammal Ho…

Zarrori Nahi ki Har Waade Par Amal Ho!!

bass Yun Muh Tu Pher le Ye Chaha Nahi Tha..

Zindagi Ki Har Saans Mein Maanga Sirf Tujhe Tha!!

Ai Zindagi Ne Palat Kar Dekhaye Ye Dinn Hai…

Abb Jeene Ka Maksad Aur Kyu Ye Pal bhi Tujh Binn Hai…

Reh Gayi Wo Baatein Ye Raatein Mein Simat kar…

Bass Rahi wo Chaatein Aaj Bhi Mujh Mein Bikhar Kar!!!!


You’ll Forget Me!!

“You’ll forget me one day and that’s okay, perhaps you’ve already forgotten all about me but there will be small things that remind you of me like when you hear the song that was my favourite one at the time when you were in my life. Remember the one I glorified? I hope every time you hear it on the radio, you think of me and I bet you’ll think of what we had. What more that we could’ve had but it didn’t get there because of what you did to me, it’s okay; because I am really glad that you showed your true colours before it got too far between us. I hope when you’re dancing in the club with another girl, you’ll be reminded of how we tore it up when we were together and even if you don’t; I hope it hurts you every time you drive past by my house on the way to and from work. Don’t you remember all the good times that we had? It was short lived and never would have lasted that long either way but we had something good going and it was fun. It was good timing for me and I guess it was good timing for you too, we made a great team but we weren’t right for each other. I hope every time you talk about your favourite movie, you’re reminded of how I watched it for the first time with you and fell in love with it just as much as you do. Remember all the things that we planned for our wedding? I know we were drunk at the time but we still continued the conversation for weeks later, sober as ever. I just wanted to play around and pretend but it turned into something real, remember when I played Tennessee whiskey for you for the first time you’d ever heard it when we were drinking around midnight, I convinced you to practice slow dancing with me in the pool on a hot summer night. I won’t lie and say I didn’t have fun with you around because I did but just because I wanted to fuck with you didn’t mean that I had to fuck you for you to love me. I don’t know why you tried so hard to get what you wanted from me when you could’ve easily gotten it from any other girl; I guess you were just trying to make me feel special. I bet you have all of these lovely memories of you and I, yet all I can remember is from that one fateful night and your hands around my neck, squeezing my throat. You wanted more from me than I was ever able to offer and when you realised you couldn’t get it from me, you forced it to happen and now I bet you wonder why I don’t talk to you anymore. I hope one day you realise how much you hurt me and I hope you hurt worse than I ever did.”

Kaafila Tha Chaand Ka..

Nikhar Rahi Thi Raat Yeh..

Simat Rahi Thi Khud Me Wo..

Jab Mein Kar Raha Tha Baat Yeh!!

Love… A DreamπŸ’•

Well, it’s something that we can’t express in just words. I mean how do I express something that was never mine… and probably never will be. People fall in love and sometimes break apart… I fell in love, but… Well, it was always me. People say that love sometimes leaves you heartbroken… According to me, it doesn’t. Love never leaves you heartbroken… Love is a ‘HEART FILLER’. “Lucky are those who find true love.” But in reality, lucky are those who make their first love their true love. I wish I could do that.
Love… It makes you do things of which you can’t dream of. Your happiness gets a reason, your attitude gets a reason, you get a reason… Just to live. But the only thing is that it hurts. I mean, seeing her with someone else, knowing that it’s nothing but jealousy! Well, that hurts.
It’s not that I never tried… But every time I do so… Things just mess up… And in the end… That hurts. You know something great about love? Naha… every time I see her… every time when I feel her… I know there are butterflies in my stomach. I can’t control my heart… It just doesn’t listen to me whenever I feel her.
I just wish to get one day… Just a day. I just want to tell her how much I love her. I just want to tell her how much she means to me. I just want to hold her hand and promise that I will never leave them. I just want to be told once in a while, that she too loves me.

Apni Rooh Ko Tere Jism Mein chor Aaye Hai…

Tujhe Gale Se Lagana toh Ek Bahana Tha!!


I Should tell You❀❀

“I should tell you, That when I was without you I was without myself. I couldn’t get the right words out because sometimes I get nervous. Yes, even now after so many years. I should tell you, That when I was finally able to get you back as mine, I got myself back as well. Yes, I was lost without you. I was. I should tell you, I’ve never felt more at peace than when I have you beside me. I feel safe, and at home. At ease with everything. Yes, with you beside me. Only you. I should tell you, That I plan to marry you in the future. To have kids of our own-Raise a family and be successful together. Yes, I’d still stay even if we struggled. I should tell you, I am thankful for every day that I get with you. That without you I am not me, I am truly blessed to have you. Yes, I promise I’m telling the truth. I should tell you, That I love you endlessly, regardless of any flaw you may see. I find you unapologetically perfect. Yes, without a doubt you were made just for me.”


Possibilities πŸ’”

There could have been a world,

Where You and I wouldn’t have met,

Or Met But not Fallen in Love.

Or Fallen in Love But Not Let Go.

Or Let Go but Never Remembered.

Or Remember but never Missed.

And It breaks me apart, to wonder.
Which is the Life We’d Live.

Which is the Life We’d Leave!!!


Zindagi Rahi Toh Kal Phir Fikar hogi Tumhari…

Agar Iss raat kuch ho Jaye toh Apna Khayal Rakhna …

           Tum Ek Shayar ki Mohabbat ho …

    Humesha Zinda Rahogi Lafzon Mein …..

Lost Time πŸ’•

Here’s the Lost Receipt Of

The Moments I wasted,

In Not Holding You Close!!

And The Times we didn’t Immediately Start Talking After A Fight!!

Of The Extra 15 Minutes That It Took Me to Smile and Say A Hi!!

And of Days When I Didn’t Talk To You About The Stars!

And Now that We’re Done I would Like To Inquire,

” What’s Your Exchange Policy On Lost Time?” 


All I wanted was Effort.

I was Trying To Be Good To Someone Who 

Was Getting Better Without Me Each Day !!

I Just Cannot Unlove You ,

Or Maybe, I Don’t Want To!!


Khyaalon Ke Andhre Me Bass Aiise Kho Jana…

Jaane Se Pehle Bass Meri Ho Jana❀❀

Love Is Still AliveπŸ’•

I Entrusted the Pieces To You,

For You Promised to keep them with Care..

But I’m not shocked that you Crushed Them.

If Not Expectations, You At least lived up to my fears!!

  So You Finally Left,

It’s Hard To Think About This,

About How Lonely I feel Now,

About How My Heart Aches So Much More,

About the Things We Could Have Done To make it Work,

But There You Are;
Happy and in Love!!!!

And Here I am;
Miserable and In Love!!!