LIfe is where Love is!

You are doing great , your writings are way too impressive. What made you write so deeply, she texted him.

All thanks to you , if you wouldn’t have been there I would not have been the best sellers of emotions. Me? Seriously please don’t joke , I have never used anyone. He look back at their 3 AM conversations when she couldn’t sleep and he could barely keep his eyes open.

She was not an addiction , she was the rehab for his bruised soul. He knew that his love would never be reciprocated but moving on was not easy. She understood that it was her who made him a writer. He accepted one sided love but something kills him more , her ignorance. Of all the things she could destroy him with , she decided to choose love. She considered him important but the time she took to reply her messages tells altogether a different story. Her love turned him to an Atheist because only thing he asked for God was she and the only thing he didn’t receive was she . While everyone was praising him for his regular success in writings, he wanted someone to realize the pain which make him write. He decided to move on and leave her if she didn’t want to stay after all her happiness was all he lived for. He stopped talking to her but her name still tops his search history. She still remember him , whenever she gets bored , whenever she has no one to talk to.

Why don’t you text me nowadays of your own? She inquired.

Maybe I have started respecting myself again! He replied. Days went by , his love was still same. But one day his life took a turn . She texted him . It was an Invitation card . He was finally going to meet her . A sigh of relief was seen on his face after so many years. He called up his best friend to share the news , but he didn’t told him the full story, he just asked him to accompany him . He was way too excited. He dressed well. He was ready to meet her . He reached the venue with his friend. His friend find it awkward as it was decorated and many people were there.

They proceed upstairs, it was a wedding hall. They stared into each other eyes .

A Thousand memories Flooded in , With a painful smile at the wedding hall that night .

She was the bride , he was the Guest!

What the hell is this , his best friend exclaimed. You were happy for these. She is getting married, so what relief you got , you loved her, right?

Yes , breaking the silence he spoke. I couldn’t decide when to stop expecting her love in return and now after witnessing her marriage, I could finally be sure about it. He promised to her that he will never stop falling for her but that day he broke the Promise when he fell for her , the last time . It was from his balcony!