If there ever comes a day,

That I die before time ,

I would still be there in the Ashes somewhere.

I’d be in the walls of your room ,

In the fragrance of your perfume.

I would be in the music that you’d hear, 

Don’t worry , I’d still be near .
I’d be in every Sound ,

Even in the dust on the Ground.

I’d would be in the Sunlight too ,

Don’t worry, I’d still be around.
I’d would be in my Letters that you’d read ,

I’d be in every page that you’d flip.

I know then, that you’d need me ,

But I’m sorry , cause you wouldn’t see me .
I know it’d be tough,

For you to spend the nights,

But when you’d flash out through your window ,

You’d still see me up there, shining bright.

And everytime you’d cry,

I’d want to hold you tight!!



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