My Heart πŸ’—

I Closed My Eyes and Remembered How You Smelt.

And Like A Damn Fool,

My Heart Was on it’s Knees.

For You , Again!!

In Love , Again!!

To Be Broken, Again!!


Aankho Mein Neend Toh Bohat Hai Lekin..

Agar Hum So Gaye Toh Usse Yaad Kaun Karega !!!



Just Once πŸ’Ÿ

Just Once ,


Blow Off Everything!!

Let It Be You And Me ,

Hold Me In Your Arms,

Read My Eyes,

Catch My Pain,

I Have in My Smile !!

   No Other Perception,

   Just Read My Lips,

  Dried Over Years ,

To Yell Out What My Heart Want to Speak!!

Mitana Chaha Tha Par Mita na Saka Tera Naam Dill se…

  Phir Samajh Aaya Mitaye Wo Jaate Hai Jo Galti Se Likhe Jaate Hai !!!



​Today You Might Forget Me, 

But Remember.

I won’t Ever Forget The Time,

 It All Started.. 

I won’t Ever Forget The Time

When We Said It ....

I won’t Ever Forget The Moments,

   That We Made ….

And I won’t Ever Forget,

   How You Left It…..

   Tum Ek Shayar Ki Mohabbat Ho,

 Humesha Zinda Rahogi Laffzon Mein ..


Until Me Meet Again πŸ’”πŸ’”

Let’s Break Each Other down,

Every Smile and Every Frown .

Let’s paint Moon to Blue ,

Singing Song , Old or New .

All Those Hard Times You’d Had ,

Everyday However Bad .

Let’s Kiss Away That Pain ,

Make A Sweet Love In Rain .

You are my Life and It’s meaning ,

My reason When I am Beaming .

Don’t Let The Darkness Swallow You In ,

Cause Loosing You would be My Greatest sin.



I Dreamt of You Last Night .

Now, My Mind and Heart is at a Fight .

 The Soul which is hurt hasn’t healed yet,

But, Still It Favors someone which It should Hate.

I can’t Really Understand My Heart’s Innervoice .

You Were and You are Still it’s choice ..

 But Far across You Have Sailed .

And I have Just a Story to Tell!!!


The Night I love the most !

The clouds were roaring , it was a night so beautiful and pillow being the only one to Listen to my story was tired and then I left with no one to tell my story. 

That green dot beside a name then came in my Life like an Angel .

And I was having no idea that day that you will be so important to me .

    I have seen a handful of people being so talented and not having a pinch of attitude. You don’t know how important you are to me . 

  Beautiful , topper, talented and moreover so caring . 

Yeah  , I repeat that line only I know how difficult it was to control not to fall for you !!

   And I don’t know till when I can control πŸ˜‚.

    Trust me, You are seriously setting goals for all that Angels God have!! 





The sounds which echoed in my ears ,

The Love which settled my Instincts .

I want us to go through these ,

And build up a bizarre sweet memories .

Those which would last in in our hearts 

For Together with you is what I call My Forever



The moon has started to cry ,

While the Oceans are running dry ,

To watch us love even the Stars want to try,

But I know this concept of You and Me , was a mere lie .

So let me stay in this Moment with my head on your thigh ,

For I wish to breathe my last here , For I wish to die!!!!



You Left me alone on a lonely turn,

Now several things I try to unlearn ,

Your Love gives me a pain that burns ,

The Heart realises you will never return!!
Just let me have a fresh start ,

Destiny betrayed setting us apart ,

But words would come out from the heart ,

And still transform you into a beautiful Art!!!